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Apprentice People Support Advisor

Choosing an apprenticeship

What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship with us?

Before I started my apprenticeship with Bailie Group Business Services I was studying at college where I completed my A-levels in Business, Geology and History – yes, I know, an interesting mix!

Why did you choose to take the apprenticeship route?

If I’m totally honest, I didn’t 100% know what I wanted to do after college, I didn’t think university was for me. I wasn’t set on studying one subject for 3-4 years and felt an apprenticeship could give me valuable experience in a real-life working environment and open other opportunities in the working world. The opportunity for an apprenticeship at BGBS came at the right time and being offered a role within the People team helped cement me in the apprenticeship route; they showed the willingness to invest in my learning and growth.

So far, what have been the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

Personally, the way I’m learning suits me more than classroom-based learning. You gain hands-on experience and work on real-life projects. Being paid a full-time salary whilst learning is also great, I don’t have student debt.

What did your family or friends think about you choosing an apprenticeship route?

My family were big fans of the apprentice route! They really encouraged me to apply and accept this position. They agreed that it was a better option to pursue, especially as I was going to end up studying something I wasn’t 100% sure on and end up with a lot of student debt and outgoings. They also knew I’d learn far more in this environment.

Your role at Bailie Group

What does your role involve?

Part of my role within the People Support team is taking sole responsibility for Ask; a HR tool where employees can submit any HR or Recruitment related questions and receive a timely response from the People Support team. This has now is one of my main responsibilities. I also take responsibility for reporting and insight of the Engage (our wellbeing & 1:2:1 system) data across the Group. I send the report monthly to each MD across the Group. I’m also given a variety of other HR and Recruitment related tasks. I help my team with whatever they need!

What projects are you working on that involves you liaising/working with colleagues across your team or wider business?

As well as working within the People Support team, I also work closely with the Recruitment team. I’ve been asked to work on the Early Careers project for 2023, influencing how they run the scheme and developing plans to improve. This project requires me not just to work with Bailie Group employees outside the People team, but also external companies. I’ve also been assigned to our new MetLife project, introducing a new wellbeing support service across the Group. This project requires me and my team to produce Group-wide comms and provide support/guidance to aid this implementation.

How does your day-to-day work link to the apprenticeship that you're completing?

My day-to-day work is being aligned to the syllabus linked to my apprenticeship. I’m being asked to support on projects and day-to-day tasks that will give me the practical learning linked to the theory. It means I’m implementing my new skills on real-life projects, developing my skills and helping me grow.

What support are you getting from your team and wider business?

I have a PDP (Personal Development Plan) that my Line Manager and I have put together. It means I can monitor my progress in my role and have actionable plans to develop. It also allows us to highlight support I might need alongside my learning. I have daily calls with my team and they ensure I’m comfortable with the work I’m carrying out and check whether I need any help.

Overall Thoughts

Would you recommend the apprenticeship route to others?

I would certainly recommend the apprenticeship route to others, especially one within the Bailie Group.

Three words to describe your Bailie Group apprenticeship?

  1. Enjoyable
  2. Exciting
  3. Rewarding
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